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About Us

Don’t be late start working with us to get better product

We are a group of experts in various technology verticals based out of Mandsaur. The vision for our own company Hapnics formulated based on our experience working for a UK consulting firm. While we worked with Indian partners and vendors we noticed something intriguing. A sudden moment of clarity resulted.

We noticed that many local firms show a basic but unintentional bias towards the quality of service to an Indian client. This was clear from day one and we noticed the same applied to a lot of services and products. The local businesses go all out to impress an international client, but at the same time offers mediocre services or support to a local client. We noticed this was basically a money thing. A Dollar or a Pound is after all valued higher than the good old Indian rupee. 

This vast divide helped form an idea. We envisaged a team of experts that were dedicated to providing the best of both worlds. Unmatched quality of services and support at affordable rates. Calculation of budgets and payments based on what each business is capable of offering. Let us not sacrifice quality over a business’s lack of budget. Let us deliver the exact same service we deliver to a UK client. 

Our executive team has now realised the vast potential in this venture. Hiring the best in the industry, managing touchpoints and marketing goals of a new company, delivering the best possible solutions to all clients unilaterally. The Quality of Service offered by Hapnics will always be above par of international standards and yet as affordable as the local industry standards.