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Woocommerce eCommerce Website Design and Development

Don’t be late start working with us to get better product

WooCommerce is part of the popular WordPress content management system as a seamless eCommerce plugin. It can be used free of charge, can be hosted anywhere in the world and it can also be extended by hundreds of plugins. It accounts for around 28% of the market of all websites for electronic commerce. WooCommerce facilitates the running of your eCommerce store. It’s easy to run, intuitive, scalable, fast and reliable.

There are no real limitations on how many products and categories you may have. And it is easy to use on sites with massive turnovers on good hosting providers.

It has been downloaded in the millions from all over the world since its launch in 2011. With an easy-to-use dashboard that gives users complete control, WooCommerce offers an immense and varied listing of features to its customers that make them ideal for companies. During the start-up stage to managing a large business online cost-effectively and intuitively. 


Why choose Woocommerce?

Constructed for speed and performance

Designed and tested so that maximum speed and performance is guaranteed

Easy to Manage

Website designs are created with a simple content management system, easy to edit and manage. You can make changes any time, any place at the click of a button.

Friendly SEO

Built for performance and speed, websites are also optimized to be SEO friendly for better reach and online traffic.

24/7 Support

All of our web designs are supported with fully trained experts 24/7.

Social Integration

Include social widgets on your website with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Simple User Interface

Websites are designed and built with a focus on usability from the get-go.

Woo-Commerce Themes

You can choose from thousands of custom WooCommerce themes and plugins. Choose one, and Hapnics will get you configured to get content and product details entered immediately. Remember, you still get the award-winning content management system from WordPress, so that your website can be easily browsed and maintained without much effort.

Customized Woo-Commerce

Even with the great themes available, a theme that better reflects your store’s brand identity might still be missing for you. Meet one of our designers and let us capture the essence of your store or create personalized functions to improve your store. And just like with WooCommerce, your work with WordPress still has all its advantages.

Responsive Design

Most WooThemes react to mobile phones and tablets; however, we commit ourselves to make all websites developed for modern retailers suitable for every size of the screen. Responsive design is a must in today’s competitive e-commerce environment. We make it easy for your clients to shop from your homepage to your product and shopping pages.

More about Woo-commerce

For WordPress and WooCommerce, there are many free and cost-effective plug-ins, with new features and payment gateways and other add-ons. To ensure you distinguish themselves from other websites by using shelf subjects, Hapnics develops fast mobile responsive themes for your WooCommerce site.


Our Approach 

Hapnics website design services for WordPress and WooCommerce provide customized, smooth and conversion focused web designs that seamlessly reflect your brand image. It provides optimal viewing and user experience while serving as a sales-generating platform.

Our website design services for Woocommerce are designed to be super easy to manage.  So you don’t have to worry about updates, bugs, code modification or the management of your daily backups.

Hapnics continued focus will always be on a client’s experience with our services. Extended support on maintenance and bug fixes, strategy on design elements and marketing inputs are but a few criteria we ensure before any product is deployed.