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UX/UI Focused Web Design

What a user responds to when they land on your site and look around is called the User Experience or UX. The further navigation, scrolls and various site elements that interact with a user is called the User Interface or UI. Both are critical to an IT product and must collaborate well together. Although the roles themselves are very integral to each other, they are quite different and involve various processes.

Think of the differences between UX and UI as being able to look good as well as provide the best value to anyone visiting your websites. Hapnics combines professional aesthetics with innovative design solutions to offer your business a web design. Driving conversions by providing the best value while being interesting and catchy.

More and more interactions between companies and customers occur online, and the website is often the first point of contact. First impressions are essential, especially if it is a question of sales. But apart from making an initial impression,  Hapnics UI and UX design solutions aim to create a convenient ecosystem for optimum traffic and retention.

  • Design 

The look is one of the first things that we work on. A web site should have its theme, style, colour, presentation of content and visual elements designed for a great first impression. We use features such as optimized images and multimedia for static and dynamic design. Naturally, we also ensure that the aesthetics of your website are consistent with reactive web design in different dimensions and platforms.

  • Navigation

Our navigation structure is simple but intuitive. We focus on creating a flow in end to end navigation or a clutter of elements and pages on a website.  Using breadcrumb navigation/trails (users can track their location to other parts of the site) or mega menus (expandable menus) or even mobile-driven breadcrumb menus. At Hapnics we work with you to help choose the right design according to your needs or preferences.

Hapnics’s UX/UI Design Focus.

Our professional UX and UI design services can offer your website the best value.

Roles such as UX developers or UI designers have become the future of design roles. Hapnics expert design team’s only focus for any client is to create the most innovative and value added design. A design that keeps visitors engaged. A design that helps guide and navigate users to exactly what they need. And finally a design that helps boost sales and referrals to keep them coming back for more with more of their friends. We follow best practices and concentrate on critical and innovative elements and issues that require close focus in the area of UX and UI design.

Our team is not limited to the run-of-the-mill graphic designers. While conceptual ideation is a big part of design, we understand that it has to be market proof. That is why we have a crew of highly specialised art directors with experience across platforms. A team that is used to doing critical thinking and time-bound execution under pressure.